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Use of SCP Command

Sometimes you need to copy a file from or to a remote hosts. We use the scp command not only in a different but efficient way to copy the file from or to the remote hosts not logging into that remote host.

The syntax is as follows-

* Copy from Remote Host:

  $ scp  username@<remote-host-name/IP>:<remote-host-file-name-with-location>  <path-you-want-to-keep-file>
  $ scp jamee@ /home/oleen

* Copy to Remote Host:

 $ scp <file-name-with-location> <remote-host-name/IP>:<remote-host-path-you-want-to-keep-file>

 $ scp /home/jamee/jamee.gz jamee@

Just add a " -r " before directory name in case of copying a diretory.
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