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Installing Google Toolbar on Debian

The Google toolbar is a useful addition to the Firefox browser. It is really useful if anyone commonly work on three or more machines. There is a problem on Debian though. Due to trademark restrictions on the name Firefox the one true browser has to be given a different name. The name the Debian crew chose was Iceweasel. This is all well and good but the browser also reports this name in the user-agent string. The user-agent string is sent with every request to a web site and can be used to send a different page based on the browser that is going to receive it. The Google toolbar installer checks this user-agent string to determine which version of Firefox is currently running. Since the Debian version of the browser reports itself as Iceweasel the installer believe it’s looking at a different browser and asks you to install the latest Firefox. The fix for this “problem” is really simple. Open a new tab and in the address bar enter about:config. This will open a page that shows all the browsers settings. In the filter box at the top of the page enter useragent. This should reduce the number of settings to around a dozen. There should be a setting called general.useragent.extra.firefox. Double click on this to edit it. Change Iceweasel to Firefox and ok the box. The toolbar should now install.

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