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When is a server not a server? When it’s a Storage Server.

Storage server is not an average or general purpose server. The typical server is configured to perform multiple functions. It operates as a file, print, application, Web, or miscellaneous server. As such, it must have fast chips, more RAM, and plenty of internal disk space to cope with whatever end users decide to do with it. Not so with a storage server. It is designed for a specific purpose, and thus configured differently. It may come with a little extra storage or a great deal more storage. A general-purpose server typically has five or fewer disks inside. A storage server, on the other hand, has at least six, and more, usually 12 to 24 disks.

Storage servers are normally individual units. Sometimes they are built into a 4U rackmount. Alternatively, they can consist of two boxes:

1. Storage Unit and

2. Server located near by.

Both boxes can then be placed side-by-side in a rack. The Sun StorEdge 3120 storage unit and SunFire X4100 server, for example, can be combined into a storage server and placed in a rack.

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