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Upload Images to WordPress & Flickr from Cell Phone

Ever since I bought my Nokia N82 I’ve been able to partially do my long wished dream of doing some photography. I’ve been using Flickr to uplaod some of my crappy photographies 😛 since then. But I was feeling that it would have been nice if I could also share those through my blog. Actually I wanted to upload my taken photo shots to both Flickr and WordPress Blog at a time. Going through the settings and options in Flickr i sudenly got that 🙂 Wow Flickr felt my pulses long before I knew. Now I know that as I have a flickr account I can do this. I have my Flickr account linked to my WordPress Blog. I snap a picture with my phone, send it to a special Flickr email address, and it gets posted to my WordPress (and flickr, too). Just go to:

You > Your Account > Extending Flickr


In the Your Blogs section add your desired Blog. Then go to Email section and create uploading email address for Flickr and Blog as per instruction there. You’re done 🙂

Happy Uploading 😀

  1. imagesphone
    September 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    wow it amazing i do it from phone

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